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George Condo

Drawing Paintings

George Condo


10 x 11.75 inches. (25.4 x 29.85 cm)
ISBN: 978-1-61623-722-6
Retail Price: $30 USD

This publication is out of print.
Condo’s preoccupation with the figure and recurring imaginary characters is continued in these new works. Bow-tied butlers and leering nudes make fragmented appearances among the charcoal lines and patches of pastel and acrylic. On floor two, Condo continues to expand the Drawing Paintings with a series of works known as Compressions. In this series, the compositions are concentrated towards one corner; figures forms and colors are compressed to the extent that they become sculptural in their appearance. Condo’s visions are compacted into a massive block of gestures and brushwork.

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