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Willem de Kooning

Sculptures 1972-1974

Willem de Kooning


9.5 x 11.5 inches (24.13 x 29.21 cm.)
64 pages. Illustrated in color throughout. Hardcover with dust jacket.
Publication date: February 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9889300-9-4
Retail Price: $50 USD

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Published on the occasion of the exhibition, de Kooning Sculptures, 1972-1974, this catalogue includes full plate images and details of the seminal body of work, as well as Paintings Made of Clay: The Sculpture of Willem de Kooning, an essay by George Condo.

For de Kooning, the exploration of sculpture, which he began at the age of 65, was intended as an extension of the paintings for which he is widely known and acclaimed. His first sculptures were created in the summer of 1969, when he modeled small figures in clay.

From 1972–1974, Willem de Kooning continued his exploration of sculpture at his studio and home in East Hampton, producing eleven new works on a larger scale. De Kooning drew inspiration from his surroundings, particularly in his major sculpture, Clamdigger, while infusing a sense of emotion and immediacy in the figures rendered in wet, malleable clay.

“In some ways, clay is even better than oil,” de Kooning admitted in 1972. “You can work and work on a painting but you can’t start over again with the canvas like it was before you put that first stroke down. And sometimes, in the end, it’s no good, no matter what you do. But with clay, I cover it with a wet cloth and come back to it the next morning and if I don’t like what I did, or changed my mind, I can break it down and start over. It’s always fresh.”

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